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Beautiful, natural looking dentures


Relaxing denture practice in Glasgow


Comfort all day and stable when eating any food


Our bespoke complete dentures are designed to the highest quality for ultimate comfort.


Designed specifically for your mouth, our partial dentures will look like natural teeth and feel secure.


Our implant retained dentures pair our bespoke custom-made dentures with a completely secure fit. 


Our Complete Smile treatment involves removing failing teeth and replacing them with high-quality dentures.

Hear from our denture patients

Patient Stories

“Every minute, every penny has been worth it. Don’t worry about visiting the practice. I’m just so confident now! It’s changed my life.”

– Jane, Isle of Arran

Premium dentures in Glasgow

Crafting the highest quality dentures using the best dental materials and the latest, advanced techniques.

The highest quality dentures and a complete focus on patient satisfaction is what drives us to provide the best denture solutions possible. Our principal denture dentist, Dr Khuram Shafiq, has made high-quality dentures his focus.

“Some believe that removable dentures are an inferior form of treatment compared to fixed replacement teeth. However, I believe that with the right care and attention to detail, they can be a first-class form of treatment for you, even in the era of dental implants.”

Dr. Khuram Shafiq

Up to 36 month interest free financing

Nothing should stop you from claiming back your confidence! That’s why we offer 36 month interest free financing options. Subject to eligibility.

Premium Dentures in Glasgow

About Dentures

Dentures replace lost teeth

Tooth loss can be upsetting. It often means that you have to be careful about what you eat and you can no longer enjoy some of your favourite foods. As well as the practical side of eating, many people with tooth loss also experience a loss of confidence. They avoid having their picture taken, cover their mouths when speaking and don’t enjoy going out as much. Does this sound familiar? Well, the good news is that you can now get dentures in Glasgow that will change all of that.

Bring a smile back to your face

Gone are the days of badly fitting plastic molded food traps that would foam away overnight in a glass of Steradent. Sore gums and whistling teeth are a thing of the past. Things have changed dramatically. At Glasgow Denture Centre, we use the highest quality materials and the latest techniques. Only the highest quality dentures are good enough for our patients.

Getting Started With Dentures

How to get started with Glasgow Denture Centre

The process starts with a complimentary phone or video consultation. It’s also a chance for you to ask us any questions about dentures and how dentures can help you. We take the time to listen and understand your denture situation. We will disucss the options which may be available for you. Following this, we can arrrange for an in-surgery assessment at Glasgow Denture Centre. 

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1. Complimentary Consultation

This is a free-of-charge consultation with our dentist. This can be done over the phone or over an online video call – whatever you’re more comfortable with. 

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2. In-Surgery Assessment

This involves a detailed examination, any neccesary radiographs, clincial photographs and a further chance to ask your dentists questions about denutre treatment. A full, personalised treatment plan will be provided for your consideration.

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3. Denture Treatment Begins

Once you’re happy with the treatment plan, we will arrange appointments for your treatment.

We want to help you smile again, get in touch today!

  • Do you have problems with your full or partial dentures?
  • Do you want dentures that fit well, are comfortable and look fabulous?
  • Are you prevented from choosing the foods you like?
  • Do you get food underneath your dentures?
  • Would you like dentures that look just like natural, healthy teeth?
  • Do you want well-fitting dentures without needing implants?
  • Do you want dentures that no one knows are dentures?
  • Does your smile affect you socially? 

If the answer to any of the above is yes then I would love to help you.