Private Dentures in Glasgow

Bespoke, high-quality dentures custom-built for you

At the Glasgow Denture Centre, dentures are our primary focus, we’re dedicated to crafting the highest quality, most comfortable and most functional dentures for our patients.  

What are dentures? 

Are dentures for me? 

Dentures, also known as false teeth, are removable dental prosthesis that replace missing teeth and the supporting gum tissues. They can be full dentures (also known as complete dentures), which replaces all of the teeth in one arch or partial dentures replacing a number of missing teeth.

In addition, dentures are useful for patients that have heavily filled, failing teeth or patients that have loose teeth due to gum disease.

Why choose private dentures?

Private dentures offer higher quality and allow for more time to craft your dentures; this extra time and effort mean your dentures are custom-made for you and feel comfortable and stable when eating. Further attention is paid to ensure that private dentures look totally natural for your desired look.

Private denture practice in Glasgow

Many dentists in Glasgow offer private dentures in a range of other private treatment options. However, we are the only fully dedicated practice to private denture treatment in Glasgow. From full private dentures to implant retained dentures, we have the experience and capabilities to ensure the best possible quality of life with private dentures.

Image of patient with tooth loss before dentures.Image of patient with tooth loss after dentures.


To replace a complete upper or lower row of teeth.


To replace an individual tooth or groups of teeth. 


Dental implants help to stabilise your dentures in place.


The complete treatment to transform your smile.

Why choose dentures?

Do you have missing teeth? Are some of your teeth loose or damaged? 

The benefit of dentures

Dentures aren’t created equal, choose high quality dentures

Dentures aren’t the only option to replace missing teeth or to regain your smile but they are hugely beneficial and, when working with the right denture dentist, they can be the best solution:


  • Dentures can be removed for easy cleaning and convenience. Whether you have a full denture or a partial denture, both can be removed which gives you complete control.
  • A denture is the most affordable method of replacing missing, loose or damaged teeth. There are other solutions but dentures are by far the most convenient and cost-effective treatment.
  • Tooth loss can have unexpected symptoms for your face, dentures can support your face structure which can return your face shape back to how it used to be with your natural teeth.
  • Dentures give you confidence. Having well-made, custom fitted dentures can restore your confidence to smile again. Don’t let tooth loss or damaged teeth stop you from smiling.
Dedicated Glasgow Denture Clinic

I need a new set of dentures

Poor-fitting dentures can cause food trapping, discomfort and can lead to you avoiding the foods you love. When you choose the Glasgow Denture Centre:

  • We will listen to your problems and your needs for your new teeth. 
  • You will have the best quality and custom-fitted dentures. 
  • Your dentures are invisible to your friends and family, no one will know you’re wearing them.
  • You will be able to eat the foods you love again!
  • Your dentures will look like completely natural teeth.

I’m new to dentures

Glasgow Denture Centre has seen hundreds of patients in need of a comfortable solution to missing or loose teeth. We can help you too:

  • Replace your missing teeth with healthy-looking and natural feeling dentures.
  • Don’t like the idea of surgery? Dentures provide a surgery-free solution to bring back your smile. 
  • Our custom-fitted dentures ensure that the usual problems with dentures are non-existent!
  • Our dentures are bespoke and premium quality.

Looking after your bespoke dentures

Patient care is paramount, trust us to craft your custom dentures

Your new dentures need to be brushed at least once and always make sure you do this over a towel or bowl of water so they don’t get dropped.  You may need to wear them at night to start with, but after a while your mouth will adjust to the shape. Then you can take them out while you sleep, leaving them in water.

Claim your free denture consultation today

We take the time to understand your problems, your denture needs and your preferences when it comes to the style and shape of your dentures.

Bespoke Dentures in Glasgow

Hear from our denture patients

Jean Meechan - Denture Patient

Thank you very much to all staff at the surgery for the great treatment I received. Everyone was very professional, and my new partial denture plate was very easy to adapt to. I have no issues whatsoever with it and I would not hesitate to recommend the surgery to any of my friends or family. Thanks!

Eva Weir - Denture Patient

I wish to express my appreciation for my recent dental treatment at your practice. Your professionalism resulted in a perfect result for me. My dentures were sympathetically designed and fitted, taking into account my age and appearance. The practice facilities, equipment and friendly staff contributed to an excellent experience and I thank you for that! 

Eleanor Clark - Denture Patient

Thank you for giving me an improved smile! I am delighted with my new denture and it's all down to your time, patience and skills. I have had partial dentures made for me for more years than I care to admit and have had varying experiences with the process. Having this new denture made for me by you and your team was undoubtedly the best experience of all.

Thank you again and I will endeavour to keep smiling.

Book your free denture consultation 

Our initial consultation is our chance for our denture clinic to get to know you and your dental situation but it’s also a chance for you to get to know us and ask us questions about dentures and how dentures can help you.