Failing Teeth Solutions

Bespoke dentures Glasgow for failing teeth

Benefit from dentures even with failing teeth

We’ve helped hundreds of patients feel better about their smile with high-quality dentures

Different options for you

Here at Glasgow Denture Centre, we offer you a variety of options to give you your smile back. These options all provide protection for your remaining natural teeth. 

Natural looking dentures

When creating your new denture, we design them to look as natural as possible so that they escape detection and attention.

Over 15 years experience with dentures

We are very experienced at providing high-quality denture solutions for patients that require tooth extractions. 

Your denture's look

You are in complete control of how your new dentures should look. We won’t finish your dentures until you’re completely happy with their look.

Claim your free denture consultation

Everyone’s dental situation is different so we take the time to learn about you during our detailed in-surgery consultation.

Our failing teeth solutions

If you have loose teeth, we can help you 

Dentures aren’t only available for people with strong teeth. If you think you require extractions because you have wobbly teeth due to gum disease or heavily filled teeth that are failing then we can help you

Experienced in designing dentures and removing failed teeth 

We are very experienced at removing failing teeth, providing high-quality temporary dentures to wear while the gums heal and then providing your final, personalised denture. 

In-surgery denture consultation

At your denture consultation, we will take the time to understand all problems you may be having and any improvements you may like to make.

We will carry out a full examination of your mouth, we will listen to your problems and take any required radiographs, clinical photographs and discuss the best treatment plan for you. Glasgow Denture Centre will also provide a detailed written report so you can then decide your options in the comfort of your won home. 

Dentures designed to perfection 

We find it very helpful if you are able to bring along any photographs of your yourself showing your natural teeth.

Bespoke Dentures in Glasgow

Hear from our denture patients

Jean Meechan - Denture Patient

Thank you very much to all staff at the surgery for the great treatment I received. Everyone was very professional, and my new partial denture plate was very easy to adapt to. I have no issues whatsoever with it and I would not hesitate to recommend the surgery to any of my friends or family. Thanks!

Eva Weir - Denture Patient

I wish to express my appreciation for my recent dental treatment at your practice. Your professionalism resulted in a perfect result for me. My dentures were sympathetically designed and fitted, taking into account my age and appearance. The practice facilities, equipment and friendly staff contributed to an excellent experience and I thank you for that! 

Eleanor Clark - Denture Patient

Thank you for giving me an improved smile! I am delighted with my new denture and it's all down to your time, patience and skills. I have had partial dentures made for me for more years than I care to admit and have had varying experiences with the process. Having this new denture made for me by you and your team was undoubtedly the best experience of all.

Thank you again and I will endeavour to keep smiling.

We want to help you smile again, get in touch today!

  • Do you have problems with your current dentures?
  • Do you want dentures that are custom for your mouth, are comfortable and look like natural teeth?
  • Are your dentures stopping you from eating the foods you like?
  • Does food get trapped under your dentures?
  • Would you like dentures that look just like natural, white teeth?
  • Do you want well-fitting dentures without needing dental implant treatment?
  • Do you want dentures that no one knows are dentures?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then Glasgow Denture Centre would love to help you.